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We cover all areas of ICT for you or your business


We will build, fit, install and configure everything from a home PC to a full business network.

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Windows and apple support

We support both Windows and Macintosh systems of all generations. We can tweak, repair and improve all machines to their optimal performance.

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Security consultation and implementation

The law requires many businesses to conform to security standards in the modern day. Failure to do so can lead to large fines. We can secure your business today, protecting you and your customers.

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web design

Modern, responsive designs for your business. Your customers need to find you on the go. Mobiles, Tablets and computer screens. We make lovingly designed affordable websites to your specification

With callout repairs from only £30 all inclusive. Is it even worth your time? Whatever the problem most issues are resolved within an hour and the very worst issues within 24 hours.

Over 10 years repairing PCs

Get the efficiency and expertise that only comes with years of problem solving.
Many PCs perform up to 50 percent slower than they should.

How often do you hear someone say "Oh the brakes on the car were playing up, but my six year old is a whizz with a spanner, he fixed me up" ? Never right?

There is no argument that kids take to computers far better than adults, they take to everything better! Thats nature!

But computers are still complex and technical devices and simply getting around the problem, does not SOLVE the problem. Your PC is important, valuable and when things go wrong, let a professional take a look before the whole thing crashes off the road!

computing your way

What do you need computers to do for you?
Performance VS Stability

What are you waiting for? The call costs nothing. Well probably..

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